Welcome to the Oxygen

Your lifestyle hotel, on the coast

Fully renovated inner spaces, a new concept in hospitality and tastefully designed and stylishly furnished bedrooms are the major element of the transformation that turned Hotel Helvetia Parco into Hotel Oxygen.

Harmonious colours, natural light and organic materials are the keys to the success of the new Oxygen bedrooms and suites and Folya well-lit restaurant with spectacular show kitchen in full view of diners. The restaurant serves abundant buffets that give guests the possibility to spend pleasant holidays here based on total freedom.

The hotel still welcomes guests with the usual warmth and hospitality, and skilled staff members are always available to provide information and suit all guests’ needs.


Best kept secret of Rimini Beach

Loved it and will be coming back. After doing extensive research for a nice bike trip to Italy, we decided to stay in this place. We got the bike tour package which was an amazing deal. It was the best bike trip we did in Europe. I though South France…


We care about your holidays

Loved our holiday Dear Everyone at Oxygen, thank you so much for all the fantastic days spent with you in your beautiful country and lovely hotel with an outstanding staff. There are so many nice things to say I don't even know where to start! Germanna, Marco, Donnatella, the chef,…

The very best offers for your holiday in Rimini
Oxygenhotel lifestyle hotel
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That’s why you should choose Oxygen Lifestyle Hotel

You will be impressed by the brightness and breadth of the place, and by the luminous rooms with large windows wrapped up in warm colours.

We have created a place which is closer to nature, to give a sensation of freedom to our guests.

That freedom you will experience when scheduling your meals (we are quite flexible with times) and choosing your courses: the kitchen is exposed, the ingredients are top quality (coming mainly from our area), the taste is pure Italian.